10 Traits of men that attract women most

Arms, backside, and smile have the word in this particular review about the parts of the body of a man that help the most when conquering the opposite sex.

It is true and must be said: that the short phrase “the essential is invisible to the eyes” in this case is not very right.

Especially regarding the masculine physiognomy, since the first visual contact with a girl is fundamental at the time of the conquest, particularly because there are some features that powerfully call attention to the opposite sex and others not so much.

We are not going to say that our body is a powerful magnetic field, but there are certain parts that are much more attractive to women than others and that project much more than what is usually said or done. In simple words, you can gain much more ground by having them in favor than against.

In this note, we are going to list a few, but without giving a ranking hierarchy, since that is for women to judge, who should be judges and part of this influential survey.

10 Traits of men that attract women most

1. The smile:


The smile should be one of the traits that attract women most and that any man can aspire to have.

You do not have to go to the gym or go to a very expensive store to have a nice smile.

On the contrary, it is as simple as the reflection of a positive state of mind.

In simple words, a man with good vibes will always be more attractive than a negative one.

2. Mouth:


Usually, women think that a man is kissable and desirable by the shape of the mouth.

Not so much the smile, but more than anything the state of the teeth, cleaning habits or breath.

The mouth is presence and appearance, so it is where they put more emphasis, especially if they are going to lend their lips to the game.

3. The eyes and the look:


This feature is also very important because the way you look at the woman is key to making the emotional connection or attraction.

If you have a penetrating and suggestive look, you undoubtedly have more chances of conquest.

4. The voice:


There is nothing more “kills passions” for a woman than a high voice.

In general, they expect the voice to be as similar to a radio announcer or a boxing animator, but a firm, determined and well-expressed tone is enough to not disappoint them.

5. Strong arms:


They say that it is not something that is so decisive for them, but they are always in charge of saying that the most they like, is feeling protected by men.

And they feel that effect with a strong hug, the tighter and solid the better.

6. The hands:


There are all types.

There are some of them who fantasize with tanned and calloused hands, hard worker and effort, but the vast majority of women like well-groomed men, the nails clean and well cut.

Some like big and clumsy, others small and skillful.

7. Abdomen:


There are few men who can say that they have an abdomen to scrub clothes, but enough is to have a little belly and a little bit firm.

Now, of course, there are women who are caught by the beer belly and that is the exception that confirms the rule.

8. Back and legs:


This is the most killer trait that exists.

This is the only one capable of getting women to look at you.

While it is true that females are not the same as us, the passion of the girls increases with a good butt or firm and outlined legs.

9. Tattoos:


There is a large number of women who are very attracted to a man with tattoos, as it is synonymous with rebellion, encouragement or an indomitable spirit.

Now, all that image goes to the truncheon if the tattoo is of Mickey Mouse.

10. The back:


It is not about having a swimmer’s back, but a broad back and strong shoulders can help a lot, because they are synonymous with strength and masculinity, with a worked body and a spirit of effort and sacrifice, since the tendency is to make reflection that is the part of the body that supports the whole weight of life.

(Source: https://www.guioteca.com)