10 Things that women find sexy in men

There are many things that have nothing to do with the physical that differentiates an “X” man from a sexy one.

Women see a little beyond the physical and the muscles and concentrate on things that last and make a man special.

Do you want to know how women think?

In this list, we present the things that women find sexy in men.

10 Things that women find sexy in men


1. He has some talent.


Women find it sexy that a man has some ability.

Either play the guitar or you like to take pictures. Whatever, but have some extra ability.

2. Know how to listen.


The fact that a man remembers what SHE normally asks in a restaurant or who is her favorite artist is very sexy and automatically becomes a priority.

A man who listens to women and remembers their favorite things is very sexy.

3. Be smart.


After all, beauty is gone.

Women are killed by a man who has a topic of conversation and who knows what he is talking about.

4. Smile.


You may be short, tall, fat or skinny, but something that all women love is a beautiful smile.

Having cute teeth is a bonus.

5. Friendliness.


If you like animals, you are kind to children.

You are very good with her friends and family.

That is a good indicator that you are a man ready for a relationship.

6. Fun.


A man who makes women laugh already has a great advantage over all others.

Who does not want a fun person by their side?

Just remember that it is not the same to be funny to be a clown.

7. Have confidence.


Ask any woman what is sexy in a man and the collective response will be “confidence”.

A man who knows what he wants and is sure of himself is the sexiest in the world.

8. That sees you in the eyes.


A man who can see a woman in the eye is the definition of honest and sexy.

Now, a man with beautiful eyes or sexy look has a plus.

9. That is not dramatic.


A man who knows what he wants and who he is does not need to do drama.

Nothing to talk about exes, nothing to criticize you or make fights out of nothing.

10. The voice.


The voice is something very important, of course, this counts as a plus, but the tone of voice is something that conquers.

You might not be so attractive but if your voice is sexy, you win.

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(Source: http://www.lifeboxset.com)