10 Steps to get a girlfriend

The 10 keys necessary for the woman of your dreams to give you an opportunity.

Watch very carefully and try to put it into practice to see results.

10 Steps to get a girlfriend

10 Steps to get a girlfriend

10 Steps to get a girlfriend

1st.- You have to observe her very carefully.

To grasp in a considerable time what things she likes, what clothes are her favorite, what is her favorite song, etc. small things, but very valuable to women.

2º.- After doing that you have to approach without much hesitation.

You just have to show firmness, courage, and personality, so that she takes you seriously, at the moment that you are going to introduce yourself, women do not like insecure men.

Guys, show a lot of security about yourself!.

3º.-If you managed to introduce yourself to her.

You just have to chat not for a long time, then leave her side with a lot of kindness and do not turn around just go your way, so that you create in her a mystery.

4 .- The next day when you pass in front of her, and I greet her because you have another opportunity to approach and talk to her,

Continue with this every day but do not spend much time with her, because if you do it she will feel a lot of pressure.

5º.- To warm things up.

Invite her out but let her go out with a girlfriend and you have to take a male friend, you have to put more interest in her friend than herself, you have to pretend that she does not exist, if you notice that she is uncomfortable, there you know that she feels something for you, then begin to give her a little importance and every time you can you have to caress her but only as friends.

6º Invite her to dance.

But before that, get close to the one who leads the music and tell him to put a moved music and then a romantic one, to make it more magical dance with her very well and show her that you like her.

Never be discourteous with her, be attentive.

7th. You do not have to show jealousy,

because that means you’re not sure of her love.

8th. Never tell anyone that you are in love with her,

and if you want them to know all, declare it to the woman of your dreams in a public place where everyone can see it and you have to be very, very romantic and talk with great confidence.

9º. If you are going to declare yourself,

you have to be sure that she feels the same for you, never expect much, do not waste time saying it just say it.

10th. if she gives you the YES.

After that you have to be the same as before or more detailed and affectionate if you want to keep her, do not be jealous in front of everyone because it takes away many points in your favor, eye, do not hurry to ask her to have sex because she will think that’s all you’re interested in, and when you do, be very careful, and go slowly, never do it in a hurry, do it calmly and make sure she enjoys it.

If you do all this easily, you are really in love and if at some point you regret it you have to abort the plan because she is not the woman for you.

(Source: https://www.taringa.net)