10 Signs to know if a woman likes you

Have you met a woman and do you think she likes you?

Do you want to know if you have any chance and want to make sure before asking for a meeting with her?

There are some signs that serve to know if a woman likes you, so attentive because we reveal them to you next.

Women, like all human beings, constantly send signals of interest or unconsciousness either unconsciously or not. It is up to humans to understand and capture these signals to use them to their advantage. Next, we will give you a list of the most extended signs of interest if you want to know if a woman likes you:

10 Signs to know if a woman likes you

1. Eye contact.

An interested girl will have (for a good part of the time you spend together) her eyes on you, even and above all at a distance.

If the woman maintains eye contact, or if she looks down when you look at her too, it is an indicator of interest.

Therefore you must make the visual contact between you constant. When she looks at you, you should look at her. Every once in a while smile when you look at her and if she responds with a smile, it can be another sign.

2. Ask questions.

Always remember that a woman never does “nothing for nothing”. What does this expression mean?

If she asks you a question, like she is interested in your work, your ambitions, your dreams, or your hobbies, it means that she is interested in what you have to say.

She wants to discover your world and this will then be your opportunity to open up and that you can meet even better.

3. She laughs at your jokes.

In the head of a woman, this is the most powerful indicator to make you understand that she is interested in you.

When she laughs at the jokes you make (even quite obviously and crudely), it means that she wants to make you understand that you are not exactly indifferent to her.

My advice is not to make too many jokes trying to impress her (especially at the beginning), even if she laughs at the previous ones.

4. Does not let you touch her.

A woman who is not interested (as you already know), will not allow you at all to touch her. The touch of a stranger if she has no interest is annoying to the woman, and will avoid him as much as possible.

So, if for example, you touch the shoulder of the girl while you talk to her or suddenly rub her when you get on the same bus as she and she does not move away or simply smiles at you, she likes you.

You should not do an exaggerated touch and above all, you should not touch intimate or delicate parts of her body. You can touch, for example, her arm or hand, so that you provoke her reaction and check whether she likes you or not.

5. She touches you.

This is the “advanced part” of the previous signal.

If you touch the girl and she moves alternately touching you in turn, it is as if she were saying: “I want you to touch me and I want to touch you. I like you”.

6. Moistens or bites her lips while talking.

This is another indicator of very important interest and hardly identifiable.

When we face a person we like, while paying close attention to what it says, there will be times when we will tend to fantasize (fantasize about how beautiful it is to kiss it, make love, etc.).

That is exactly what a woman thinks when she bites or moistens her lips while talking to you (sometimes they do it unconsciously), but you should know that this is a delicate sign that can mislead.

7. Plays with her hair.

Women give great importance to hair and it is said that one way to seduce for them is to touch their hair or move their hair from one side to the other. See if she does something like this as this can be a sign that she likes you.

8. She asks you if you have a girlfriend.

It may be the clearest signs to know if she likes you. If when you talk to the woman you like, she takes the conversation to the field of love and is interested in knowing if you have a girlfriend or a partner, she really does like you.

9. She asks you how is your usual girl.

Similarly, if in your conversations she tries to find out how you like girls, you should think that she likes you.

10. Waits to say hello.

Finally, we can point out that a woman who likes you will always try to greet you in a special way.

If you work together and she arrives and there are more people she will wait before telling you a good morning.

If you live maybe on the same street or building and you see yourself on the street, she will look at you and greet you and also smile at you.

These are perhaps the clearest signs to know if a woman likes you.

There are others that you may have captured, so you must gather all these signals, feed your courage and try to speak with her sincerely to ask if she wants to go out with you.

(Source: https://okdiario.com)