10 Most common lies women say

A group of girls confessed the excuses, phrases, euphemisms, or cynicism they use to cope with a relationship without “unnecessary” shocks.

Women seem to live under the premise that it is always better “a lie that makes happy, than a truth that embitters life”.

Strategies of birth, women are much more hermetic when it comes to telling the subtle tactics of reality management for their partners.

According to them, it is difficult to say a list of made phrases – “we are not like men” -, but they build a whole reality so coherent that they can even convince themselves.

Next, the 10 phrases most used by women with their partners:

10 Most common lies women say

1.- I am a virgin:

Everything as virgin as possible.

Women have the idea that with men everything you say can and will be used against them.

And something that makes them ill is the insecurity and comparison with others that could be in her life.

If she can not say she’s a virgin, then she’ll shorten her list of lovers so she does not look such a bitch, the golden rule.

2.- I believe you and I trust you fully:

That most men are liars is not a novelty, and women distrust by nature.

The group of interviewees recommends that it is best to remain in doubt and make them believe that you believe them.

3 .- I am exhausted:

I go home and go to sleep: women, of course, also require their own space to get together with friends, go out for a while, have a drink and finally feel still in the market of conquest.

In this way, they go out with their friends, of course without fighting with their partners because they will not be alone but with their “friends”…

4.- I liked you from the first moment I saw you:

Man is one of the most insecure beings there is, so whenever he is affirmed that from the first moment she met him she liked him, or that caught her attention or anything, but less that he went unnoticed.

5.- I am not jealous:

Women and men are jealous by nature.

6.- You are the only one:

It is that the man is fascinated with adulation and the woman does not have any problem to give him that taste.

Always tell him that he is the only one, that there could never be another and above all, in case of infidelity, going with the secret to the grave.

7.- I have never faked an orgasm to you:

This and all the items that have to do with the sexual act are particularly relevant for men since at stake is nothing less than their ego.

8 .- It does not matter, it can happen to anyone:

If in a moment of passion the boyfriend is not able to get it hard, or worse, he finished too fast, there is no other way than to accept the maternal instinct.

9.- A classic headache:

It is equal to “I do not want to have sex with you now”.

Sometimes it is accompanied by “I also die of desire, but this pain is killing me”, or change the discomfort: one that usually does not fail is to say that she is in “those days”.

10.- He is a friend, we are like brothers and above all, he is gay:

Women, when they want, can be cheeky.

And of course, sometimes it is true that he is just a friend with the right to make jokes, but sometimes he is a potential lover.

(Source: https://www.taringa.net)