Things You Should Not Tell A Woman On A First Date

The first dates are a mystery, for me, they are too uncomfortable instances from which we can not escape.

We never know if they feel completely comfortable or if they really want to be there, the signs that should be clear are not and we do not know what to say.


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Vital Lessons That All Men Should Know At 30

The 30 is an age that marks any man, it is the hinge moment in which we mature, learn and become independent. It is the moment in which we rethink what we are doing and where we are going.

I know it sounds simple and it seems that we have things very clear, but it’s not like that, it’s just the 30s and they take us by surprise.

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How To Make Your Girl Jealous?

When a girl likes you and she knows it or intuits it and you find it difficult to get to her, or when we have a girlfriend or wife to whom nothing pleases her, then, using jealousy to generate a little interest can be right.



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Ways To Make A Girl Addicted To Her Boyfriend

Dating a girl is the first part of the work, but how to keep her by your side?

That is our goal, let’s see what are the strategies that make that girl get addicted to you, in other words, that falls in love.

Do not pay attention to all the junk information that shows us that to achieve this we have to be the alpha male of the herd, imposing our will and subjecting her to your whims, things in real life do not work that way.

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Behavior Of A Woman Who Is Secretly In Love

We will find what are the signs that a woman has when she is in love and is not able to tell you. With this, you will be able to recognize the feelings that a girl has towards you so you can leave the doubt and know what you can do later.

Do you want to know if she feels something for you?

We will show you what is the behavior of a woman in love.

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Things That Women Love Even If They Never Admit It

Sometimes girls are so hard to understand. Because their firm “yes” can mean “no”, and her at first sight, so sure “no”, on the contrary, denote consent.

To understand the contradictions and learn to understand them better, we decided to dig a little into their minds.

Here we tell you about the things they really like, although they never admit it in public.

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5 Common Penile Diseases

The mistaken idea that man is the one who should have the initiative, disposition, and care during the sexual act, has forced the man to ignore or feel shame for asking about the health of his reproductive system.

Because, as women, since starting an active sexual life is necessary to go to an expert on a regular basis.

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Emotional Causes That Trigger Erectile Dysfunction

Most men report at least one episode of erectile dysfunction in their life. Although many of them are completely healthy, there are emotional factors that can affect them and as a result, an erection does not occur.

Depression and anxiety are two of them. tells you what they are for you to take measures in this regard.

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Sexual Positions According To Your Type Of Penis

In the field of sexual satisfaction not only size matters but also skill or performance; However, there is also a masculine characteristic that must be taken into account and that is not so attended: its form.

These sexual positions according to your type of penis can make your intimacy more successful.

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7 Reasons To Think That A Woman Is In Love

How to know if a woman is hopelessly in love?

The most palpable details that indicate when a woman is in love with a man appear at any time. Both women and men from adolescence are always looking for a partner, it is natural.

The good thing about everything is that there are signs that betray a woman in love. Many times they themselves do not know it.

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