Things Your Girlfriend Wants You To Do More Frequently

Discovering what makes her happy is not difficult …

Your girlfriend could love you madly and things could be fine as they are, but many times she will want a little more from you. She may not always be able to say it, but try to calculate what she wants and try to give it to her. A little effort is all you need.

See what things your girlfriend wants you to do more frequently.

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Scenarios You Should Consider When Your Girlfriend Asks You For Some Time

When disaster comes to your relationship and your girlfriend asks for a “break” to fix things, it can be easy to panic and lose control.

But don’t push yourself yet, “some time” could mean a lot of things. Like the following:


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Things You Should Learn If You Are A “Good Boy” Who Does Not Get A Girlfriend

If you are a good person, attentive, gentlemanly, tender (and many similar adjectives) you are what we popularly know as a “good boy.” The bad thing is that if it’s love, maybe more than once you’ve had bad luck and all your romantic intentions are in an “I love you … as a friend”.

The good news is that everything has a solution. That’s why here are some things that as a “good boy” you must learn if you want to leave the friend zone.

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Things Women Want Their Boyfriends To Understand

While you may think that you are a great friend and lover, you often hear your girlfriend complain that you don’t care as much as she would like you to. Perhaps this may seem complicated and hard to crack, but we have an approach to better manage the situation.

Here is a woman’s wish list and the things she wants her partner to understand.


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How To Control An Erection?

There are men who have erections in the least indicated place and time, which makes them feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially if they do not know how to lower the erection quickly or decrease it.

Here are some tips so you know what to do if what you want is to quickly lower an erection.

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Tips To Maintain An Erection

If your problem is because you can not maintain an erection during sexual intercourse and this is bringing you problems on a psychological level and even with your partner, there are always things you can do to control it and successfully end your sexual relationships.

Some tips that will help you maintain an erection and combat erectile dysfunction are:

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Phrases That Do Not Work To Conquer A Woman

For some strange reason today there are men who use terrible phrases to “conquer” a woman, what they think is flattering are actually annoying and uncomfortable comments and questions that only make a woman run away without looking back. All women like to be told flattering things, but there are ways to do it.

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Things You Should Never Give To A Woman

I understand you guys, women can be a bit difficult, especially when you need to give them a gift. Whether a birthday, an anniversary is coming or just because of anything; in this edition, we show you what you should not give a woman as a gift.



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Things Women Love When A Man Is Conquering Them

If you want to reach a girl and make her fall in love from head to toe, these ideas can show you the path you must follow.

Well, they say that in love and war everything goes. And that’s why a girl gives you the keys to making another girl fall in love. When you want to conquer a woman, there are some things they love more than others.

Here is what you can do to melt her heart.

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Places To Go On A First Date With A Woman

I recognize that being a man is not easy. Inviting a woman out requires courage and confidence on your part. If you now plan the first date and want everything to be perfect, in this manual we show you the places to go to wake up the butterflies in her stomach. You will love them!

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