Tips to have a body language of attraction towards women

For girls, the character of a man is more relevant than his physical appearance. And they evaluate it in different ways, among them, for their body language.

The gestures of a person say a lot about their thoughts, their feelings and their attitude toward others.

A man with a body language of attraction for women communicates several qualities: self-confidence, security, aplomb, and naturalness.

We offer 4 tips for you to have a body language of attraction towards women.

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Problems that every independent girl suffers when having a partner

Independent women know what they want and there are some situations that come to hate when they have a partner and if you do not believe it, see these reasons that you will surely identify.

Independent women know well what they want and what they are looking for in a couple and if this does not meet their expectations they will simply step aside to avoid any kind of emotional problem.

For this reason, we present what are the 12 Problems that every independent girl suffers when having a partner:

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Gestures of a gentleman that melt the woman

Although it may not seem like it, pleasing a woman is only a matter of a boy being a gentleman.

By leaving aside the slob and rude you will open the possibility to conquer that woman.

There are twelve gestures that make women feel and for which every girl ‘melts down’.

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How to know if she wants a serious relationship with you?

From the point of view of men, women are confused at the time of the connection.

Women simply have their way, but here today we show you and help you to leave doubts, to know if that woman likes you or not.

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Foods to increase sexual pleasure

Food is definitely one of the most important factors when enjoying a good sexual experience.

As well as there are recommendations of what foods you should not eat before the sexual act, such as beans, energy drinks or cheese, there are foods that on the contrary, generate a good reaction and can help to increase sexual libido.

According to several investigations, the consumption of foods that have some vitamins and properties, help to promote orgasms, increase desire and improve sexual performance, mostly it is about plant foods.

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How to conquer a woman being an ugly man?

They say that Love is blind, so it is not about what women can see, but about what men make us feel.

So if you want to seduce a woman and you think you are ugly, calm down because the appearance is what counts less.

Remember the luck of the ugly, the beautiful ones want it.

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Masculine actions that hurt women

There are certain actions and behaviors that men have that harm the feelings of women.

Relationships are maintained thanks to the details with which they were conquered at the beginning of it.

Although science says that falling in love lasts only a few years or even months, it is always important to know how to cultivate, renew and strengthen the emotional ties with the loved one.

Some of the factors that can weaken the love in the couple are excessive obligations, responsibilities, stress, lack of communication, routine and lack of quality time with the loved one.

However, when there is love, commitment, and mutual respect, all obstacles are overcome, no matter how difficult they may seem.

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Things that hurt women more than infidelity

The death of a relative is one of many events that hurts a woman the most.

Infidelity is not the only thing that hurts a woman the most.

Here are some other situations that we discover in Salud180 that can be more painful, according to the opinion of Dr. Ana María Sánchez, a psychologist.

What hurts a woman the most?

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Steps to seduce your best friend to fall in love with you

Moving from a friendship to a relationship is simple if you do this:

When a man and a woman share tastes, hobbies, moments and time it is impossible for neither of them to fall in love.

Many cannot resist the company and the love that that person gives them and they want that friendship to become something more.

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Lies that says a woman who does not care about you

When you have certain time dating someone and things just do not move forward, you can start to question what will be happening, you may like that person very much but she may not want anything to do with you.

Some women have a hard time being direct or just do not know how to use the right words, or they are afraid of hurting you, that is why they use lies.

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