How to conquer a woman

How to conquer a woman

How to conquer a woman


This is the second part from the below video about 10 things on how to conquer a woman.

How to conquer a woman

6. Patience

This is very important, never pressure things … the things that you don’t push, are the things that happen faster, you’ll be amazed! All things have their time and what
it takes longer to get and cost more, are the most worthwhile and most enjoyable when they arrive.

7. Creativity

Be very creative, surprise her. A detail made for you is worth more than the most expensive gift you can buy. A detail made for you not only account as the detail in
itself, it brings back the time you were planning it and making it, more than that, it reflects the time you spend thinking about her and how to steal her a smile and make
her spend a very good time. Do not be afraid of doing what you want to do for her, is better to regret a bad moment than the rest of your life for what would have happened if you had done it.

8. Trust

Trust is one of the most difficult elements to win. It is done slowly and if lost is gone forever. You win with honesty and sincerity … but it is more important than
it sounds, trust is someone to BE ABLE to tell all the secrets and all the problems, it is not to expect to give you the key to your computer nor they tell
you who they’re chatting with … trust is the largest shield that a relationship can have. The shield that will protect you from rumors, gossip or backbiting mails
… the weapon that will have you sure of what you feel about each other and that will put your relationship on an untouchable level. Waiting until there is a solid confidence
before starting the relationship is the foundation to take it all as a couple.

9. Respect

Needless to say, if you do not treat her with respect, do not even expect her to turn to see you. But respect goes beyond the way you treat a woman as she deserves, it
means respecting her space and her privacy, her way of being, thinking, dressing, etc. Never try to change her or let her change you … if you love each other, it has
to be as you are … one of you may give in from time to time or change something from your person to improve as a human being, but if you are not in love with the
essence, there’s nothing more to do … the defects are part of the perfection of a person, but if you are not able to love them as you love any of her virtues there is nothing
else to do or attempt.

10. Communication

Talk, talk a lot. Get to know each other as much as possible. If you plan to share the rest of your lives together your must also share your past life and the only way is
talking. It is important to have similar goals, to go down the same path, it is not fair to either of you give up your dreams … but can come to understand together
that happiness is in the “little things” in life, it is important to walk together toward the same place.

Remember that conquest does not end when your girlfriend, or when she’s your wife, conquest is eternal … do not do things to conquer her that you d not really do of
heart because if you stop doing them becaise you get what you want you’re going to lose it little by little … do things willingly, with love, with conviction … if
you enjoy what you do for her, she will enjoy it more … the point is to enjoy it together because the conquest is the beginning of a new story that you will write
together and remember forever.

These were the 10 Things to seduce a woman that will help you achieve your goal in no time.

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Early dating mistakes

Here are some of the most common 5 early dating mistakes men make, that continue from the above video.

Early dating mistakes

Early dating mistakes

Early dating mistakes

6. To be shabbily dressed or too perfumed

The care with which you were arranged for the occasion says a lot about how interested you are in her.

And by this I do not mean you have to wear an evening suit or be dressed in the latest fashion, everything depends on the place to go, whether a concert, a dinner, a
movie or a park, she better than anyone else will notice how you are for the occasion.

Similarly, if you wear too much perfume that makes her dizzy, also will raise suspicions why; what smell is he trying to hide?

7. Not to pick her up and drop her off at home

It is also a custom that has been lost, partly because of the girls, and is related to the first of our mistakes; for ladies a date is not complete unless the man
picks her up and leaves her home.

It is not necessary that be either by car or taxi, suffice to pick her up and at the end to walk her to the door of the house, once again is not sexism, but
gentlemanly, a virtue that has been disappearing gradually, regrettably.

8. Having bad manners

It seems that civility and good manners are “out” because many of these customs have been lost. And once again she’ll ask herself if this guy behaves like this when
he’s trying to conquer me, how will it be when he has relaxed?

And it is not about acting stiff, you can remain authentic, without being rude, with simple gestures like not talking with a full mouth, putting your fingers in the nose or
ears, to thank or ask the favor, it is more than enough.

9. Not having any idea where to take her

One of the attributes a woman admires in every man is security in himself, regardless of your appearance, if you don’t show insecurity, you will surely win many

So it is disastrous when you ask the question where are we going? And she replies “I do not know, wherever you want,”. Then you have that look of frightened puppy, not
knowing which way to take and you ask her again the same. If you invited her, shouldn’t you have already a plan in place?

10. Trying to exceed

There are men who confuse a first date, and believe they have all rights won and throughout the game, they will put their hands where they should not, or will try to
kiss her without giving them a signal that she wants.

Be careful in that case, because she’ll think she could fall into the clutches of a man who is looking only for a brief affair, and unless that is what she wants, her
reputation will not come out very well delivered.

These were some of the most common Dating mistakes men make that should be avoided at all cost.

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